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  1. (7/28/2012) Rewrite of UNS for Version 2 has started. I am just about 50% complete. So far there is:
    1. New File Structure:
      unscore.inc.php (Core functions that both the client and admin interfaces need.
      unsclient.inc.php (Functions the client page needs to gather URL's)
      unsadmin.inc.php (Functions for the Admin page)
      unsxml.inc.php (Functions to parse XML for the RSS feed and creating XML for the API)
      Changed the config files (conn.php and vars.php) so that they are arrays not individual variables.
    2. All code is in '/lib/' folder. The admin folder just has a dispatcher, same with the root index that is the client view/API page.
    3. Using Smarty for the frontend so there is no spaghetti code anymore.
    4. Redirect should now fully work in all major browsers.
    5. Switched to PDO with prepared statements which fixes a lot of security issues (really only in the event of a users cookie being intercepted, but there was also an issue with the sessions table not being cleared, so it still is of great concern)

  2. Since it is still just me doing all of the work, and I also have a full time job now (I was unemployed when I started this project) it is going to take some time to finish. But, I hope to be finished around the November timeframe.

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